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miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2020

BOOK QUOTES- Sign of Love

“I wanted her. I wanted to strip her naked. I wanted to thrust into her, hard and fast, and watch her face as I did it. I wanted to know what she was thinking as my body filled hers.”

“—¿Cuáles son tus sueños, Archer? —susurré, queriendo saber qué había en su corazón.—No sabía lo suficiente como para soñar contigo, Bree, pero de alguna manera se hizo realidad. ¿Cómo ocurrió? —Se frotó la nariz mientras hacía una pausa y luego siguió hablando—. ¿Quién leyó mi mente y supo que tú eras justo lo que quería incluso cuando yo no lo sabía?”
 La voz de Archer

“His kiss sent sensation from the tip of my tongue all the way to my knees, and I let my weight fall against him as I met his probing tongue with my own. I wanted to be closer, to absorb all of him, to experience the shimmery feeling flowing through my veins for as long as possible.”
 Midnight Lily

“Evie, Evie, my girl, my heart.”
 Leo's Chance

“Pierde el control, nena. Solo un fin de semana. Déjame a mí. Te cuidaré, te lo prometo.”

His kiss has become my anchor to this earth, the very reason for my existence.”


“I hate saying goodbye to you.”
I nuzzled my face into his chest and then tipped my head back and looked up at him. “Just promise me once we get out of here, we’ll never say goodbye again.”
“I promise.”
 Becoming Calder

“But what I did know was that I loved a girl. And I knew I loved her in a way I'd never, ever recover from. I knew I loved her to the very core of myself. And I knew she loved me back.

 Finding Eden

My God, she's enchanting. 
My God, she's mine.”

   Grayson's Vow

“You want my truth, Lydia? I’ll give you this one willingly. I want you, too.” He paused, intensity vibrating between us as my pulse jumped and my breath hitched. “I want you so bloody much I feel like I’ll die from it.”


“And I knew this would be one of those flashes, one of those moments burned into my memory, and even possibly, the last one I’d ever get. “Lia,”

 Preston's Honor

“I have loved none but you,”


“I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms, kissing her lips and falling in love with her, just like I still did a thousand times a day.”

  Archer's Voice
-Lily - he whispered. - Lily of the Night. How do I say goodbye to you now?
-With happiness, - I whispered, - because we'll see each other soon. And when we do you'll kiss me again.”
  Midnight Lily

“You are my dream," I whisper to her in the dark. "You are my every dream come true.”
  Leo's Chance

“There are many soul-stirring things in this world, but not many as profound as watching the beautiful man you love holding the baby you created together. No, not many.”

“I realized that I couldn't remember a time when you weren't the first thing I thought of in the morning or the last before I fell asleep at night. You own me, Evie. You always have.”


“..."And when you go back to your room tonight, I'll know I'm closer to you than I was yesterday, and my bed will have your smell all over it".”
  Becoming Calder

“Eden, Eden, I was dead without you. Oh God, I've been walking around like a ghost—half in this world, and half in the other.

Eden . . ." I moaned out the words”
  Finding Eden

“If you let it, pain makes more space for love within you. And the love we carry inside makes us strong when nothing else can”
  Grayson's Vow

“I wanted her. God, I’d never stopped wanting her. How could I? She had been the only person to ever really see me, I was ready to admit that now. I wanted to take her in my arms and kis her until we were both panting with need...I wanted to buy myself inside her and forget where she ended and I began. I was hard and aching with  the very though of it. I clenched my eyes shut. I'd orchestrated my own demise. I was going to go down and go down hard. Again."


"There’s never been a choice. And I know it must be hard for you to believe in my love after everything I’ve done that’s hurt you, but it’s true. God, it’s true. And if you’ll give me another chance to prove it to you, I’ll do anything. Anything."

Preston's honor

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